Photo by Unma Desai on Unsplash


One of the key components of Grow the Flow is the creation of the Water Policy Accelerator. This is a team of environmental lawyers and policy experts who are working on drafting legislation to conserve and shepherd water to Great Salt Lake. This will include comparing existing water policies across the country, expanding policies being considered in Utah, and creating new policy frameworks at local, state, and federal levels. 

The policy accelerator will vet specific legislation and comprehensive conservation scenarios with experts and policymakers, including the GSL Commissioner, Utah legislature, Utah Water Task Force, Legislative Water Development Commission, and conservancy districts across the state. By identifying objections early, they hope to avoid major pitfalls and build political momentum to overcome unavoidable conflicts. Following this process, the public action network will be mobilized to contact their legislators, inviting them to support this legislation. When enough people raise their voices, policymakers will listen.